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by Dalton S. Spence
with Revisions (Well I had a better idea) by Crystal Carroll
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Below is a list of quotes from the books of Lois McMaster Bujold that Crystal Carroll used to to design her original map.

Brother in Arms

page 2, 17

    Earth, Dagoola, Mahata Solaris, Tau Ceti
"Did you find this out the hard way at Dagoola IV, Admiral Naismith?" the engineer inquired in a tone of genuine interest."

"I did not myself expect to be reporting in at Earth, nor so late. I was originally supposed to report back to Imperial Security Command at Sector Two HQ on Tau Ceti, over a month ago. But the Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet was driven out of Mahata Solaris local space by a surprise Cetagandan attack."

My reasoning going something like,  Miles is on Dagoola, some how he gets to Mahata Solaris where there is an attack and then somehow he ends up on Earth. Therefore, ergo, etc., there must be some sort of connections between the lot.

page 81

    Lairouba to Tau Ceti
" honor of a visit to Earth of the Baba of Lairouba...he had come to London for participation in the right-of-passage talks for the Wester Orion Arm group of planets. Tau Ceti was the hub of this nexus. Komarr connected to it through two routes, hence Barrayar's interest."

page 103 -

Earth to Tau Ceti (implied)
"I want you to get a ticket of the fastest available commercial transport to Tau Ceti, and take a message from Lieutenant Vorkosigan to the Imperial Security Sector Headquarters at the embassy there."

page 231 -

Frost IV
"So I knew you could buy documented pasts there -- one of the little high-profit-margin services certain laboratories sell to go along with the new faces and voices and finger- and retina-prints they offer. One of the planets they frequently use for this is Frost IV, on account of the tectonic disaster having wrecked their computer net -- not to mention everything else -- twenty-eight years ago."

Borders of Infinity

"Labyrinth", page 203 -

Orient IV to Quaddies Home (not a direct connection. See the last chapter of Falling Free.)
"I'll stop at Escobar, first," she replied. "It's a good nexus crossing, from there I should be able to work my way back to Earth. From Earth I can get to Orient IV, and from there I'm sure I can get home."


page 1 -

Eta Ceta IV
3 Cetas (3 unnamed Cetas and Xi, Mu, Eta, Rho) and 6 satrapies (and Ola III and Dagoola)
"Eta Ceta IV, the heart and home world of the sprawling Cetagandan empire. Miles supposed eight developed planets and equal fringe of allied and puppet dependencies qualified as a sprawl in any sane person's lexicon."

page 22 -

Marilac to Zoave Twilight
"Marilac is in exactly the same relationship to the Zoave Twilight crossings as Vervain is is to the Hegen Hub, and we all know what happened there."

page 112

Vervain to Mu Ceta
Komarr to Rho Ceta
Marlilac to Xi Ceta
Ola  III to Sigma Ceta (implied) see also MD 69-71
3 additional Cetas and 6 Satrapies
"Well ... Rho Ceta is positioned to expand toward Komarr, or would be, if we weren't sitting on two thirds of the wormhole jumps between. Mu Ceta just got a bloody nose, administered by us, when it attempted to expand past Vervain into the Hegen Hub. These other three," Ivan pointed, "and Eta Ceta itself are all interior, I don't see any benefit to them."

"Then there's the other side of the nexus," Miles waved at the display. "Sigma Ceta, bordering on the Vega Station groups. And Xi Ceta, giving onto Marilac. ..."

Dreamweavers Dilemma

page 75 -
Earth to Beta Colony
"He'd spent some twenty-five subjective years serving aboard the early atomic ram ships traveling near the speed of light to and from Earth's only successful pre wormhole colony. This translated into almost one-hundred-sixty objective years on Earth and Beta Colony,..."

Ethan of Athos

page 33 -

3 Extra routes
"Kline Station was an accretion of three hundred years; even so Ethan was unprepared for the size of it, and the complexity. It straddled a region of space where no less than six fruitful jump routes emerged within a reasonable sublight boost of each other."
page 34 -
Kline to Athos
Its a four month dead end trip from Athos to Kline Station.
page 89 -
Jackson's Whole to Kline Station
"Your order was filled by...Bharaputra Laboratories...the order was sent off on a non-stop freight run to Kline Station."

And yet more extrapolation. Athos ovum/egg order came from Jackson's Whole. Terrance C and Elli both came from Jacksons Whole to Kline Station.

page 163 -

Varusa Tertius
"The clerk's tapping hand paused. 'Alpha-S-D-plasmid-2 is a sexually transmitted soft tissue necrosis that originated on Varusa Tertius. Is that what you mean?'"

page 191 -

Kline Station to Escobar to Beta Colony
"He returned to his room for a quick snack, then sat down to his comconsole for a little comparison shopping for the best price for a round-trip ticket to Beta Colony. The straightest route was via Escobar, giving him a chance to check out another potential source at no added cost to the Population Council.'

Falling Free

page 116
Ylla to Morita Deep Space Transfer Station to Earth
Beni Ra
"The vast Morita Deep Space Transfer Station had probably been the crown of his career...He'd passed through it again just last year, making a changeover from a ship from Ylla to a ship for Earth."

"...the great Beni Ra orbital factory..."

page 295-307
Our characters are in Rodeo space. They jump and then they are in Orient IV space.

Komarr (hardcover)

page 21 -

Jump to Nowhere
"What the course variation had done was take the freighter's track almost directly across one of Komarr's unused jump points. Komarr local space was unusually rich in jump points, a fact of strategic and historic consequence; one of these jumps was Barrayar's only gateway to the wormhole nexus."
(NOTE: the map references say K22, but this may be a difference in page numbering between hardcover and paperback editions. - DS)

Lois McMaster Bujold Mailing List

To make a long story short, the Bujold Mailing list had a long running fanfic that the entire list was kidnapped by an alien named Yeltar. He plopped us down on a planet that we named Bujoldia and we had a go at making a colony. Got tired of all the nasty critters on that planet. Moved to another nicer planet named Bujoldar.


page 24 -

Zoave Twilight to Tau Ceti
"Quinn was attending to duties downside on Zoave Twilight...There's a scheduled government courier ship passing through Tau Ceti,..."

Mirror Dance (paperback)

page 69 -71

Vega Station to Ola III
Vega Station to Toranira
Vega Station to Zoave
Zoave Twilight to Illyrica
"Vega Station is, not coincidentally, just off one of the Cetagandan Empire's back doors." However, said vacuum republic is in an awkward junction in the wormhole nexus."

"Of the three jump points Vega Station commands, one leads into the Cetagandan sphere of influence via its satrapy Ola Three, one is blocked by a sometimes Cetagandan ally, sometimes enemy, Toranira, and the other is held by Zoave Twilight..."

"We enter Vega Station local space through Toranira, on a through-flightplan, bound for Illyrica. Which we really will be. We exit through Zoave, still with every trooper, but minus three aging ships. We continue on to Illyrica, and pick up our three brand-new warships, which are being completed as we speak in the Illyrican orbital shipyards."

Shards of Honor

page 5 -

page 101 - 102

Sergyar to Escobar
Escobar to Tau Ceti (implied)
"You found a jump through here to Escobar...Escobar was one of the major planetary hubs in the network of wormhole exits that strung scattered humanity together. Large, old, temperate, it counted among its many neighbors Beta Colony itself. ...

"Beta Colony would be drawn in for sure. Why, half our interstellar trade passes through Escobar. And Tau Ceti Five. And Jackson's Whole."

The Vor Game

page 139 -

Minos IV
Not that he was all that interested in The Adumbration of Trigonial Strategy in the Wars of Minos IV, but it was going to be along, dull ride home, and Sergeant Overholt did not promise to be the most sparkling of traveling companions.
page 140-142
Jackson's Whole to Escobar
Miles and Co. are on Jackson's Whole. They are about to catch a nonstop flight to Escobar. Chaos ensues.

VGmap -

The Warrior's Apprentice

page 63 -

Hespari II
"Red. The color red. Pure light I was, once, on the jump to some little hole of a place called Hespari II."

page 187 -

Skya IV
"Do you know-- has he written anything like the Komarr Report about the Escobar invasion?" Tung asked eagerly. "I've always felt it should be a companion volume -- defensive strategy next to offensive -- get the other half of his thinking. Like Sri Simka's two volumes on Walshea and Skya IV."

page 249 -

"Briefly. I told him there was a rumor you'd gone to Kshatryia."

page 272 -

Tau Verde to Dalton Station to Tau Ceti
"All you short-contract people will be dropped off at Dalton Station, where you can take ship for Tau Ceti or wherever you want."

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