For the aces, I want to do abstract images that symbolized the element of the card, in this case earth.

I wanted a glazed window onto an idealized landscape of browns and greens. Soft tree branches of a tree frame the picture.


Crystal balancing on one leg in a Moroccan outfit. Photo shoot 1999.

Balance in motion. Grace.


Sci Fi Charlie's Angels. Crystal and Karen as Dendarii, and Gina as Cordielia Naismith at 1999 Emp. Ming's Swing Ball. Somehow we always do this shot. Well, its fun.

For a card that deals with group work, I wanted an image of a team that functions perfectly as a unit. Flaws to strengths.


Karen in french dress, Gina as Guido the stereotypical movie Mafioso, and Crystal in black goth dress from 1999 Gaskell's Halloween ball. 

Guido the Mafioso has money. Guido the Mafioso has Molls. Guido wants to keep what Guido has. Good luck.

There is an implied struggle in this picture. Refined Karen in royal court garb. Dominatrix Crystal in velvet, leather, and lace. Guido has his foot on his money. Who will end up with it?


Karen in leather underneath a mosaic at Mountain view Cemetery 1998?

A goth child sulks in the cemetery. No one loves her. No one cares. If only she would turn towards God/spirituality as represented by the mosaic of the Virgin Mary.


Karen as Harley Quinn, Crystal as Catwoman Toon Town Hop 2000. Background the Louvre 1999.

Harley trying to convince Catwoman to rob the Louvre. Please, please. I want the gold.


Magritte's Raining Gina's picture. Very famous. Art manipulation done by Gina. Picture from Chapel of the Chimes.

Gina contemplates the expansion of her abilities as she rains from the sky.


Crystal and Melinda as furies getting ready for the Ball de Vampyre 1999. Hallway at Karen's house.

The furies dress for battle. They are working hard to finish last minute preparations. 

I've always found large groups of women dressing for a party/battle an interesting image. Armor, war paint, weapons.

Around the furies are doors into various forms of insanity, because the furies are creatures of insanity.

But the hallway is safe. They aren't done dressing yet.


Karen in white dress at fireplace in Crystal's house for 1999 photo shoot.

The Lady of the Manor contemplates her home.

She is the epitome of grace and refinement. Her home a place of elegance and peace.

She has money to maintain it all.


Gina at Palms Tea House 1999.

Affluence and grace combine in the gentility of a tea house.

Every thing has a place. Everything is in its place. Gloves, parasol, money over the door.


Alex as Prince Barin ruler of Arboria from 1999 Emp. Ming's Swing Ball. Background is from wooded area (well that describes the whole campus) at UCSC.

Arboria is a kingdom of trees and has a natural connection to the pentacle. Its prince commands the very trees to defend his kingdom.

Prince Barin is the rightful ruler of Mongo, (Damn that Ming) and as such is the rightful heir to wealth, power, and privilege. 


Gina in as Poison Ivy from Toon Town Ball 2000. Column from Column manufacturer's web site.

Ivy is strong and dependable. It/she wends around the pillar.

Poison Ivy has power over plants. She's a conservationist. (i.e. she prefers the natural environment to people.)


Karen in Anita attire from 1999 Photo shoot.

Anita, Vampire Slayer, enjoys a moments peace. But at any moment she'll be back on the job rescuing the moment from the latest nasty thing. 


Barbara on a tree next to our sign in Elfland, UCSC 1993.

The sign says, "One is respectful as though the Goddess were present."

This was the summer after college. We decided to spend our last summer before the world reviving some of the signs and dens in Elfland. 

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