Le Puys en Velay, Auvergne
The cathedral in le Puys and the Chapel St-Michel d’Aiguilhe are built from volcanic rock and the Chapelle is built on a volcanic 80m spike. 

However, the real story from Le Puys isn't the churches. 

We parked next to the cathedral which is at the top of a hill surrounded by narrow, winding, little, medieval streets. Thank God I was not driving. The streets were too narrow to turn around. So, we figured whichever streets headed down were good. 

Ok, so we see this one street. Looks good. We turn down it. There were no signs, no warnings. However, we pass these little old ladies. They look at us like we are nuts. Pretty soon we realize why when the street turned into a very gentle staircase. With no way to go but down (trust me there was no way we were driving backwards up that street), we very slowly drove across the five foot section of stairs and negotiated the very sharp turn onto the street.

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