Sedranh ap Shoeth

In the Age of the Fey, elves and fairies danced about in the green places, which were all about the land we now know. One of the places they loved was a mystical place of old enchanted redwoods and misty rolling hills. Here the Essence was strong, spirits and souls roamed happily; sprites, dragons, and creatures of the deep all lived with those of the Fair in harmony. 

But after many years of this peace came the Age of the Mortals. The first were the woodland creatures who played happily with the Fair, though they were teased to no end. Next came the Ohlone, a race of humans. These humans were kind to the Fair, for they knew what powers were held there. But soon came a more aggressive race of humans, who held no respect for the Ohlone or the Fair. These humans brought their cattle and horses, and they pushed the Ohlone from the land. Many of those who came before hid from these vicious creatures, others vanished, never to be found. But the Essence and the elves remained in this place, showing themselves as little as possible. Before long these humans had invaded the sacred places, cutting down the forest which had been home to the Fair. 

The elves had suffered enough, and they made the earth tremble and quake, causing these humans' homes to fall, and the land to slide. Then the elves danced around the stumps of the trees which had been their homes, and up grew the fairy rings in which they have lived ever since. 

New humans moved very close to the sacred places, in great tall buildings with many people. But as they were young humans, they were able to feel the Essence and know that the elves were there. They paid tribute to the elves, decorating their homes, playing music for them, and celebrating with them. 

But then the old humans who ordered this place began planning to build in Elfland. When the elves learned of this plan, they once again caused the earth to churn, and many buildings fell down. 

But even this set the old humans back only briefly, as they soon put a fence around the sacred land. The young humans waged a war of subversion, tearing down the fences, and building a likeness of the elves' home from this wire to taunt the old humans. But it was all for naught, and the old humans simply sat back and laughed at their efforts. The young humans would not let the elves be pushed out as many others who came before had been. They copied the signs which decorated Elfland, which were by now faded and broken, and hid them in a most sacred place. They made maps, so after the destruction was done this place would be remembered, and many years in the future it will return. 

The crystal chalice which holds the key has been secreted away to be found at the proper time. In its womb it bears the word and the word shall be known and the world shall be reborn

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