For the aces, I want to do abstract images that symbolized the element of the card, in this case air.

The sword hangs suspended in the air. The wind melts away the swords edges as transmutes into air.


Crystal as a goth girl lying on a white sheet from 1995 photo shoot. 

Ophelia lies sleeping under water. She is separate from the world. Under plastic wrap.


Impressionist painting of Karen and Crystal as Bond women and Alex/Mr. Bond. from Spy Party. Background is from clip art.

Bond experiences one of Life's nasty curve balls as he gets caught spying.

Then again, its Bond we're talking about. He probably wants to get caught by beautiful women outside a mysterious mansion. How else will the villain explain the plot to him.


Gina as the Banshee and Crystal as Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas) from Bal de Vampyre 1997.

Sally and the Banshee contemplate, merge, die, and are undead anyway.

I wanted an image that depicted that dissipation of self that comes in death. Outward appearances wear away.


Crystal dressed as fairy. Karen dressed as Anita Blake. From 1999 photo shoot.

"Ping me will ya." Anita the blunt confronts a froofy floofy fairy.


Karen sitting in mourning clothes in a church from 1998 Victorian Day of Mourning at Mountain view Cemetery.

Karen mourns in silence, depressed, dark. But light is shining in the windows if she'll see it.


Crystal, crouching on stairs at Karen's house, 1999, in Le Femme Nikita outfit for Alex's Spy party.

Nikita crouches down as she contemplates her lone mission. Will she ever find out the truth as to why she is in Section 1? Will she live through her mission? Will she and Michael stay together for more than an episode? Will the series ever answer any question ever?


Karen and Crystal as Dendarii Mercenaries dragging an unnamed woman at Emp. Ming's Swing Ball 1999. Background replaced with fog and pathway.

Dendarii Mercenaries evacuate a reluctant woman or is it that they are Emp. Ming's armed guard and are dragging a woman to her death.

What is in the fog? Or is it smoke?


Gina at Chapel of Chimes 1997. 

She is in a place of quiet religious contemplation. Instead, Gina grieves. She is in darkness. The light is at her back, streaming around her.


Picture from 1999/2000 New Year's party of people on the floor during Rock Lobster.

This is my only picture of mass destruction.


Gina as Blue Boy. Art manipulation done by Gina.

Gina put this one together and I knew I had to use it for the King of Swords.

Her hand was in the perfect position to hold a sword and she looks such the cavalier.


Karen with sword from 1999 photo shoot.

I thought she looked like Warrior Queen here, ergo, Queen of Swords.


Crystal in Dendarri Mercenary Attire from White Star Ball 1999.

I really liked the energy of this image when I made it several years ago and I still like it. Bright, flashy, a soldier with a gun, a recruitment poster, "The Dendarii Mercenaries Want You." 


Crystal as random pirate/musketteer in front yard for 1999 photo shoot.

I like this picture. It has really nice contrasts. I'm holding a sword. 

Looking into the future. I look ready.

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