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The central world in a three planet empire: Barrayar, Komarr and Sergyar. Barryar is at the end of a worm hole cul de sac and can only be visited through Komarr. A fact which has been of some significance over the last 100 years.

Visitors will find that Barrayar has a diverse landscape with many natural wonders and a rich cultural heritage. The imperial capital of Vorbarr Sultana is famed for its bridges, spires, and genuine feudal castles.
Women traveling alone are advised to use caution in rural areas.
For more information about Barrayar, visit People and Places of Barrayar

Beni Ra

Beni Ra, a lovely ore rich lump of rock, is ringed with orbital ore processing facilities. 

Beta Colony

    Horrible climate, but a great place to visit whether travelers go desert trekking near Quartz or explore the renowned Silica Zoo. 

    Second settled, first settled successfully, it is amazing that the Betans have done as well as they have. The planet's surface is a fierce desert dotted with saline lakes, so the Betans dug their cities down into the dirt. This practice has prompted more than one native to note that Betans practice interior decorating not architecture. 

    Always at the cutting edge of technology, Beta Colony has made an industry out of the necessity of dealing with life on a marginal world. Travelers who want the latest technological advances should pay a visit to Beta Colony. Not only will Beta Colony have it first, but it will be as safe as the highly rigorous Betan manufacturing standards can make it. 

    Whatever your cultural or personal identity, Betans are enormously tolerant of your right to be you. From the Hermaphrodites of Quartz to the Up wing Teks of New Sedona, Betans not only welcome the fringe, they revel in it. 

    Betans are extremely open to casual sexual relationships, indicated by the wearing of earrings. If you are not interested, just say no. If you are interested, Betan Licensed Sexual Therapists in all three sexes deliver therapy with craft and style throughout Beta Colony. 

However, just because Betans accept a wide range of behavior does not mean that they will accept a lack of safety consciousness. As inhabitants of a marginal world, Betans practice frequent safety drills and rigorous resource regulation. 

Beta Colony does not allow lethal grade weaponry through customs. Only registered stunners are allowed. Don't bother trying to smuggle in anything with more destructive capability. Betan Customs Officers can be quite thorough.




Dalton Station


    Earth may be off the main wormhole routes, but it is well worth a visit. The birth place of  humanity and the center of human culture, there are too many important historical sites to try and list them all. However travelers on the run may enjoy scuba diving in Lake Los Angeles or a bicycle trip on the dikes of New York.
Unicorn and Wild Animal Park


Eta Ceta