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Shya IV

Sigma Ceta


Tau Ceti

Tau Verde


Varusa Tertius

Vega Station


    A lush world which has both gained economic benefit from straddling one of the Cetagandan empire's trade routes into the Nexus and more recently suffered from an "unwarranted incursionary force" from the Cetagandan Empire because of that jump point.

    Vervian did not suffer any damage to its surface during the recent conflict with Cetaganda and therefore has many scenic and cultural wonders to offer the galactic traveler.

    As a vehement member of the Hegen Hub Alliance, Vervain enjoys thriving trade with its Hub neighbors and no trip to Vervain would be complete without visiting the Hegen Hub Alliance Peace Park. Statuary honoring Hub members is carved in materials native to that planet. Particularly impressive is the twenty meter tall statue of Emperor Gregor Vorbarra of Barrayar carved from Dendarii Granite. The Emperor holds a peace treaty in one hand while the other rests upon a sheathed sword. The statue is equipped with a small antigrav device which turns the Emperor on his pedestal. Each morning Emperor Vorbarra turns his sword toward the park's Eastern gate and each sunset Emperor Vorbarra extends the peace treaty towards the Vervain statue. In the summer there are nightly fireworks.


Xi Ceta


Zoave Twilight