For years the University had been planning to build Colleges Nine and Ten on the lands where Elfland and an Ohlone burial site were situated. It wasn't at the forefront of the students' minds until the trees were threatened with paint, then steel, Students gathered to protest but, were circumvented by the University's elusive cutting of the trees upon the winter solstice while the students were away. Many of the students took down the fences, and through the remains continued to honor the elves. These students named themselves the Elflandic Jihad and the word was written and thus spread; the word which cried out for Elfland's rebirth. The work was begun. And the Moraad Roel was written to honor elves of all lands. Dens were rebuilt; signs replaced. The offerings once again increased. The word has been hidden in these sacred woods on the road to Peace. The elves were almost placated by these deeds, but the impending doom which profanes this land continues on ...
To go in peace, we must honor the place where we live.
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