For the aces, I want to do abstract images that symbolized the element of the card, in this case fire.

A scepter hangs suspended in fire.


Gina as White Spy from Mad at Alex's 1999 Spy Party. Background Spy vs Spy from Mad Magazine Web site

This was a very creative costume. By pairing Gina's white spy with the original Black spy, I could play with the duality of the card. 


Karen as a Regency Buck from 1998 Renaissance Faire. Background waterfall on Mt. Tamalpais, 1999.

Ok, seeking the unknown. Hmmm...I just had this vision of all those British explorers going to the middle of nowhere with their tea and china cups. Always in proper attire. Mustn't make a bad impression.

The epitome of adventurousness and yet...


Karen leaping in air in 1999 photo shoot.

Karen looks, energetic, excited. She's wearing a nice outfit.


Crystal as Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas) from Ball de Vampyre 1998.

Sally has come undone. She's having a bad day. Her limbs are falling off.

And yet, Sally is a patchwork doll. This happens all of the time. She just has to sew herself together again.


Gina standing at mausoleum door cemetery trip 1997 Mountain view Cemetery.

It's a darn triumphal picture. And I love the color of the sunset.


Crystal as Dendarii Mercenary day of 1999 Emp. Ming's Swing Ball, in Karen's front yard.

Well, I look like I'm taking a stand, right?


Crystal and Alex dancing Danse Macabre.

I love that dance. Its a Dance that's Tomorrow We Die, full boar, all out waltz.

I couldn't think of anything that better symbolizes movement.

That's also why I made it black and white. I really wanted to emphasize the contrasts in the image.


Gina walking across a pool from photo shoot 2000.

Well, she looks determined to get across the pool.


Crystal and Karen in Furies outfits hauling large quantities of costuming away from a photo shoot. 2000.

I engineered this picture. (It was my last one for the deck).

I think it looks really amusing myself.


Oil painting of Renaissance man holding a scepter. Our man, Francois, with Kevin's head.

I knew I wanted to use Francois I of France as the base image for the King of Wands. He brought the Renaissance to France and I all around like him. Given that Kevin does Faire and generally picks the next techno curveball, it seemed appropriate to put his face on Francois'.


Hel, Goddess of the Underworld, reclines in her temple.

I didn't at first intend to use this picture. I had already decided to make Gina Empress and Queen of Pentacles. I didn't want anyone to get too much royalty. This picture was going to be for the Page of Wands, but when I had finished arranging the candles, I knew that the Viking Queen of the Underworld could be no less than Queen of Fire and Wands.


Crystal as a Roman Era Goth (german barbarian) with a fishing spear.

Hmmm…a picture of me holding a wand. Seemed pretty obvious. 


Karen aged 10? Hills 1996 Black Diamond Mine State Park.

When I saw this picture, Karen in her little striped dress, I knew I could make a good page of her.

Childekaren is setting out on a journey through the hills. The world is soft and green. Flowers are blooming and its spring in California.

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