Wind played joyfully on the young world, running over the land. Wind was wild and free. There was nowhere that wind couldn't go. And wind was well liked by all those on its path, for wind would tell stories of all the places on the world. 

Wind flew across the wide open spaces, leaving rippling grasses. Wind told the grasses and the earth beneath of the places of tall trees, reaching for the sun. The grasses imagined what it would be like to be so tall, but they were glad they could feel the sun on the ground. 

Wind ran through the trees. The trees loved wind's company, and they would ask that wind rush quickly through so that they would feel they were flying as wind does. 

Faster! Faster! the trees called, but sometimes wind was too rough, and the trees would fall. And then wind was sad, for they were friends. So wind would stop playing, and instead tell them stories of the stones, walls of rock, and how they would sing when wind tickled them. And the songs would echo through canyons and across plains, so that others would learn these songs of the earth. The trees were fascinated by this place, and some asked for wind to take them to see the stones. 

This I cannot do, said wind, But I will bring your children there. And so wind carries the seed of the trees to many places, and when these children are grown, he returns their seed to the place of their grandparents, so the trees pass stories of the world between themselves. 

One day while exploring the world, wind came to the end of the land. Wind ran along the water and was surprised to find that when it got too close to the water it got wet. Wind spoke to the water and Tethys of the deep told wind of the wonders of the world. But Tethys was suspicious of wind, and although she acted friendly, she would not let wind into her world. And so there was finally a place which wind could not go. Wind asked for many stories to bring back to the stones, the grasses, and the trees. Wind was not used to listening to stories, and now knew why the places of the land so enjoyed them. 

Wind continued across the ocean and came to a new land, but there was no grass, no tree, no stone. Wind became very cold and so ran very fast, and then flew back across the ocean to tell the stones, the grasses, and the trees of these adventures. 

They were amazed to hear the stories that Tethys had told wind about the strange creatures of the deep, but wind was better with first-hand stories. 

Go to the depths, wind! Bring us new stories! Begged the trees. 

So wind went back to the water and tried to dive in while Tethys wasn't looking, but all wind could do was push the water into great mounds which traveled across the oceans. 

Let me in, Tethys! cried wind. But Tethys protected her children from the outside. 

I will tell you stories, wind, she said, but that is all. 

Wind enjoyed her stories, and brought these back to the grasses and trees and stones. But still the trees wished to hear wind's own telling of these wonders. 

Determined, wind gathered up all its strength to try to go into the water. Swirling around and around to build up speed, wind suddenly dove for the depths. Great walls of water rose against wind, and wind was able to see some of the smaller creatures which Tethys had described, and they were strange and wonderful indeed, flashing in the sun. 

Excited, wind went back and told the trees. Next time, wind told them, I will get even further! 

In the meantime, wind wandered the world. 

Wind followed the path of power of the world which was forming along rivers and streams, along ridges and ravines. Some places had so much of this energy that he went back and told the rocks and trees and grasses. Wind liked feeling the power, and the stones also knew the power for it was within them. The trees heard of the power and asked wind to bring some to them. The grasses got their power from the earth near their feet. The power was particularly strong in the water of the land, which gave wind an idea. 

Wind asked this power if it would help wind to get to the depths of the oceans. The energy agreed. So wind, full of power, once more tried to see the depths of the seas. But wind got no further than before. Wind sorrowfully told the trees, the stones, and the grasses of this failure. 

Don't worry, the trees cheerfully called. 

We know you will make it someday. 

So wind, teller of stories, still is trying to find the place even it cannot reach. 

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