Yulunggul, first rainbow serpent came up out of the salt-water by the East Arnhem country. He carried a bundle of Wiwonderrer sticks, that he had taken from the Wiwonderrer. With these sticks, Yulunggul made spring-water to drink and sleep in.

He traveled into the land, flying a long ways, naming the places he saw and giving them water-holes and billabongs with his Wiwonderrer sticks. As he went, he also left the bodies of the animals who were to grow in the land and drink the water. He told each body its spirit name and its spoken name. And at Dinkarriat, near where the Kiannoo live, he left behind his Walborr stone, the source of the spirit life's dreaming. This stone was part of him, it was Yulunggul's testicle.

He still flew into the land. He stopped at Wayungari country because he could hear the sound of Colbumatuan-kurrk singing with her wind. He lay down by the river he made with his Wiwonderrer sticks. He sang to himself, "No more will I be a man, now I will be woman." And so she lay seven eggs in the sand by the river, which she named Banninggbooroo, because its body was like that snake. When each hatched she told it its spirit name and its spoken name. Each flew away to find its own place to live. Only Galya remained with Yulunggul. Yulunggul said, "I am finished. Here I die. My spirit is snake and rainbow fire. I will go no further than this river."

So, Galya went up the river. He named the places as he went and left the bodies of animals to fill the land. He went far into the land until he came to the far mountains. He dropped the Wiwonderrer sticks to the earth and made a pool. "I have water here, " he said, "Here I will rest."

Galya went into that water. He became rainbow. He looked around the water. It was desert and mountain, but there was water. "This is my place." said Galya. "I am Galya, child of Yulunggul, Reidju's child."