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An Evercel NiZn transplant
Why NiZn?

Because NiZn appears to hold more kwh per pound of battery and advertises more cycles per battery. The MB80's I bought at $270 each weigh ~36.4 pounds.  Nameplate rating is for 64 Amp Hours.  (see: http://www.evercel.com/manufacturing.html)   The Optima Yellow Tops I purchased here in Connecticut were $189 less a core charge of $10.  The YT's have a nameplate rating of 55 Amp Hours at the c/20 rate and the spec sheet says they weigh 43.8 pounds.
A discharge cycle graph on my battery cycler show what we've got:


The purple line shows that the battery delivered about 70AmpHours down to the recommended cut off of 9.6volts.  The yellow line shows a ~20amp discharge rate.  The dark blue line shows the case temp getting up to about 35 dgrees C, but cooling down quickly after the discharge stopped.
I like getting more than the nameplate out of a battery.  I like having almost 1kwh in this small package!