My father and I visited the Butterfly Pavillion in Westminster, Colorado on November 14 and 20, 1998.

Here are some of my photographs.
(Fifteen images on five pages)

Pavillion interior The camera used was a Pentax ME Super, with a Vivitar 2000 flash (bounced from a white card rigged above the flash unit). The lens used for this interior shot was a Vivitar Series 1 24-70 zoom (flash not bounced).
All other images were taken with a SMC-M 135mm f3.5 lens with either a Nikon close-up lens #0 (.75 diopter) or a Vivitar close-up lens #1.
Film was Fugi HG ISO 200 , and Kirkland ISO 400 (Agfa), developed at Costco 1-hr. Scans are from 4 X 6 prints.
The scanner is a Mustek 600 III EP Plus, used at its minimum resolution of 100dpi. In Photoshop, images were resampled to obtain smaller size, and cropped if necessary. The histogram (contrast) was tinkered with and the unsharp mask was used at 130%. Images were saved as a "high" quality jpeg.

The interior of the Pavillion is a man-made "rainforest". Newly-emerged butterflies are released twice daily (they are shipped in as cocoons, and not bred in the facility).


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