Rebuilding Harmonic Balancers

by George Nenadovich

This is just a brief note to let you know about Damper Dudes, 5509 Cedars Rd #2, Redding, CA 96001, 1-800-413-2673. Buick 455 harmonic balancers are no longer available from GM so the existing ones need to be rebuilt after 25 plus years of service. The elastomeric ring that separates the inner and outer ring usually becomes brittle and cracks. Eventually the outer ring will rotate and possibly come off the inner ring which can lead to engine damage! For $90 for the 455 and $70 for the 350, Damper Dudes will rebuild your damper to like new specs. If you do not have a damper to send in, they will charge you a core charge of $30 for the 455 and $25 for the 350. The price of $90 for the 455 is excellent since the new 455 balncers from GM were $85.