Factory Car Speaker Repair

By Dennis Wheeler

Have you got a factory installed am/fm radio in your Buick? Well, then perhaps is just does not have that same old saound it once had? Do you have to crank up the volume just to barely hear the sound? Or, does the front speaker blast you while the rear one is hardly heard? If any of these problems exist, perhaps I can enlighten you with this note.

As far back as the mid-60s and up to the mid-70s, most, I say most, GM radios (stereo or mono) were powered to output to 10 ohm speakers. Today's speakers are 4-8 ohms and are boosted with all sorts of electronic gadgets: pre-amps, equalizers, power sub-woofers, liquid cooled magnets etc. The new speakers WILL NOT WORK with our older radios. There is just not enough drive in our old radios to power these speakers.

So, if your radio does not have the sound it once had or one speaker is louder than the other or you have your volume knob turned all the way up to scream and can still barely hear sound. Perhaps, you have an impedance problem with your speakers. Ten ohm factory installed speakers are the only speakers that will work with factory radios. If you have one 10 ohm in the front and one 8 ohm in the back, you will have a balance problem. If you have two 8 ohm speakers in the back or one in the front and one in the back, you will have a volume problem. Factory speakers for our cars were this: part#7302654 with a mfg. code of 466205/10 ohm. The rear speakers went under part#7937455 with a mfg. code of 466625/10 ohm. You will be hard pressed to find these in any GM dealer. The do not exist.

I have a solution! Through research and experience I have found that 1968 through 1972, all GM product lines(Electras, Cutlass, Impala, Chevelle etc. even some compact cars use these part numbers.) Next time you are cruising the pick-n-pull salvage yard, take a look for these 10 ohm speakers. They will most likely need reconing or refoaming as today's terminology calls it. It also helps to cli off the connector as well. I have located an outfit here in Tampa, Florida that will rebuild the original speakers for $59 ea. However, if the voice coil is bad, there is a chance it cannot be repaired. I will run an exchange service.

Send me good useable 10 ohm core of each size, 4x10 & 6x9, I will have them rebuilt and shipped back to you. You will pay for shipping both ways. If you wish to retain those stock radio tunes, as far as I know, this is the only way you can get the original sound from your original Sonomatic am or am/fm or am/fm 8 track.

Please note: Speakers are not always the problem, some deteriorating internal radio components may lead to loss of quality sound from your radio system and may require additional servicing.

If you have any questions, please call Dennis Wheeler at 813-392-6859 in the evenings.