The first step toward establishing a new Native Hawaiian governing body has begun. Kau Inoa began on January 17, 2004 and is the registration of Native Hawaiians (in Hawaii and abroad) who will be a part of the new Hawaiian nation and receive benefits provided by the new government. Registrants may also declare their intent to participate in the creation of the governing entity.

All information on the Kau Inoa registration forms will be maintained by Hawai'i Maoli, a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs, a confederation of 50 civic clubs located throughout Hawaii and the continental United States. Hawai'i Maoli is the independent, non-governmental repository for all registration forms.

More information about Kau Inoa is available via the following links:
      Frequently Asked Questions
      Registration Information and Registration Form

Kau Inoa is the combination of two Hawaiian words, kau which means to place and inoa which means name, and implies the act of "signing up" or "registering."

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Last Update: November 7, 2007