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10th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

The 10th Illinois of Today

Today's 10th Regiment is a family oriented organization, dedicated to preserving our heritage and educating the public about the Civil War. We do both living history events and battle reenactments. No previous reenactment experience is necessary to join. We are a Union regiment, but some of our members also belong to other units, including Confederate forces. Our group is based in the Chicago suburbs.

The 10th Illinois is open to all individuals 18 years of age and older. If under 18, parental permission is necessary to enlist. In addition to the military aspect, we have civilian impressions (our civilian coordinator is named Luetta, and her e-mail is kitara1972@yahoo.com). We also have a regimental photographer, a regimental shooting team, and a President and Mrs. Lincoln who are friends of the regiment and come to many of our events.

Some of the members of the modern 10th Illinois

The Original 10th Illinois

The 10th Illinois Volunteer Infantry was the only regiment from the state of Illinois to be mustered into service while in the field, under orders. They were sworn into service in Cairo, Illinois on 29 April 1861 for three months.

In July 1861, the regiment enlisted for three years. In January 1862, they moved with Grant's forces toward Paducah, KY. The unit intercepted the rebels in their retreat from Island #10, which led to the surrender of almost 6,000 Confederate troops at Tiptonville, TN.

In 1864, the 10th Illinois reenlisted as a Veteran regiment and participated in Sherman's March to the Sea as well as the Battle of Bentonville and other battles toward the end of the war. The 10th Regiment mustered out of service on 4 July 1865.

For a more detailed history of the 10th Illinois, click here. View the Wikipedia article here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Shooting Team Info

Do you enjoy shooting competitvely? Our Regimental Shooting Team may be for you.

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