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Favorite Links

Affiliated Homepages

These are homepages of people we know, who have Civil War related sites and other links directly related to us.

Meet the Lincolns of Illinois features Max and Donna Daniels, who portray Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln professionally. They are available to come to your school or other organization. You can contact them at abenbabe@aol.com.

For more information about Illinois history during the Civil War, try the Illinois Civil War Project, Illinois in the Civil War. It includes rosters and history of Illinois units during the war. (Here's a direct link to 10th Illinois history.)

Other Civil War Related Links

These are other interesting and worthwhile sites, some of which have linked back to us!

Commercial Sites

Some of these commercial sites also offer free services.

  • Civil War Stock Photos at Foto Search
  • Army Barracks.com --Is a company offering new & used foreign and US Military clothing and related
    items for sale at a competitive prices. They also offer a 10% discount.
  • Coon River Mercantile --Is a company specializing in Civil War Uniforms and accessories. They have
    a section of their web site dedicated to existing reenactment units. They also have a nationwide
    reenactment schedule.
  • Camp Chase Gazette --The Voice of Civil War Reenacting. How to articles, event updates and stuff to buy.
  • The Weather Channel --Check what the weather will be like before you go to an event.

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