Lectionary Year B
January 30, 2000
I Corinthians 8:1-13

Step II: Disposition

(CU) Genre is that of "persuasive argument" directed to a group for which the author feels deep responsibility. (M.E.)

Or, it is a didactic narrative. Note that the author follows a chiastic form, "a" is to "c" as "b" is to "d". Is the "ek[s]" of "b" in v. 6 "out of" (JA rough trans.) or "by" or "from" (all others)?

Is this v. 6 in the style of rabbinic teaching? (CU)

Perhaps this pericope, Paul's apostleship, and the Jerusalem conference of Acts 15 are interrelated. (M.E.)

Some important questions are:

Why the quotation marks in some English translations?
Why does the author use "you" then "we" in v. 8 and then "I" in v. 13?

Some further questions:

Is this an ancient pattern of didactic instruction or rhetoric?
Is this an instance of addressing the audience assuming they already have the knowledge but
must learn what it means to have it by first being told, and then having it demonstrated by the teacher? (CU)
What does it mean to be "weak"?
Why does knowledge appear six times, and what is "conscience"?

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