Lectionary Year B
January 30, 2000
I Corinthians 8:1-13

Step III: Immediate Context

(GG) Before ch. 8, admonitions concerning sexuality and marriage are addressed by the Apostle. ch. 9 addresses the issues of apostleship (Paul's own). The letter is written to deal with a number of contentious issues dividing the Corinthian Christians.

     The IB divides seven major sections:

          1. Introduction 1:1-9
          2. Problem of Factions 1:10-4:21
          3. Moral Standards of the Christian Life 5:1-7:40
          4. Christian Freedom 8:1-11:1
          5. Christian Worship 11:2-14:40
          6. Resurrection of the Dead 15:1-58
          7. Personal Matters (16:1-24)

     Discussion noted that ch. 8 is central to the epistle. We also wondered if ch. 8 does not belong to the foregoing section on Christian conduct. Paul seems to be addressing a number of issues that have come up in the church disputes, and in ch. 8 now moves to discuss the issue raised about meat sacrificed to idols.

     The accepted and recognized author of this passage is the Apostle Paul. How is this passage reflective of the Paul we have come to know elsewhere? It is a passage which reveals his concern for the church and his combative nature [?] in wrestling against opponents when he is convinced of the Lord leading him toward that which is right.

[(JA) what is the content of apostolic consciousness?]

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