Lectionary Year B
January 30, 2000
I Corinthians 8:1-13

Step IV: Broader Context

(CH) Old Testament tradition: in Leviticus 11:2-3 there is a list of forbidden foods and animals. Pigs were offered as sacrifices in pagan religions; bats hate light and stay in darkness.
[(M.E.) did the Hebrews think relationally about animals?]
In the Corinthian context it seems that meat from animal sacrifices in pagan temples was sold in the marketplaces: could Christians eat it or not?

(CU) "Idols" has other resonance in the NT > Acts 15:29 (Jerusalem compromise: Gentiles could not eat meat sacrificed to idols)
[(GG) this was only one of the four provisions of the OT Law that had always been applied to Gentiles];
Acts 17:16 (Paul's spirit is provoked by idols), II Cor 6:14 (God will set up household in all in Christ, so people to touch nothing unclean; (CU) "I think that for Paul we are of Christ"). Later development of this thought: I Cor. 10:31-33 ("...do all to the glory of God).

(JA) coupled with this is I Cor. 10:24 "...that of one's neighbor" might be taken as the Pauline summary of the law?

(DR) does Paul's stress on "knowledge" indicate that he was arguing against a gnostic faction in Corinth?

(CU) or is the content of his understanding of "knowledge" come out of the context here in ch. 8...being known by God etc.?

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