Lectionary Year B
January 30, 2000
I Corinthians 8:1-13

Step VI: Contemporary Address

(CU) Sermon: "Freedom Bound"

Intro. Situations in which we in fact do willingly forego personal freedoms for the sake of something of someone: being a parent, small business owner, youth, stewardship etc. But what of the situation where someone else has a problem with something we feel we should be perfectly free to do?

I. When people live in community: example at Corinth; comparable might be ordination of homosexuals question (?) or personal histories with alcohol abuse etc.

II. What is the basis for relinquishing personal/corporate freedom in Christ? (Paul =) what does love of brother/sister in Christ require? love of church? love of Christ?

III. What is the promise of the text? Love builds up; one made strong all made strong; Christ made strong, we are strengthened by our sacrifice.

Conclusion: will we dare to give love a chance to build us up? what is urgent in our day? through the binding of our freedom we give love its opportunity to give us life. Two sides are: for freedom Christ has set you free and the greatest of these is love!

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