Lectionary Year B
March 5, 2000
2 Corinthians 4:3-6

Step IV: Broader Context

(ME) Context: the use of the word eon v.4 could be connected to the Hellenistic world. For the Jews aeon was to expect a better world than their own. -The light and darkness issue. -11:14 the power of darkness is transformed in to light. -There is an apocalyptic flavor.

(ME) this txt. is related to Baptism.

(JA) There is a variety of lights in the text.

(C) Jn 3:16-21. - When Paul talks about light & darkness, who does he quote. -Relationship Gospel / Epistles.

(FS) The image of God. - ‘Eikon' - lightnenss; v. 4 the unbelievers ‘apistos', appears 16 times in Paul's literature

(JA) Image - as in Phil. 2:6 image = ‘morphe'?

(FS) In Col. 1: 15-20 image = ‘eikon'; v. 5 the slaves.

(JA) What is the balance point between "kurios" and "doulos" (slave), servant. "Diakonos" = servant, no more differentiation between servant and slave? Polybius had freedom to move, but not to leave = "doulos."

(DR) Paul is a servant of Christ = slave. E.g. I Pet. 2:15 = "you are free but slaves of Christ." -In Christ. there are no slaves nor free at all. -Gal 3

(J.A) The household settings: the slaves maintained the household in the ancient world and also served as economists sometimes. The pyramid of the upper and the lower is a problem, I Pet. 2:18: the slaves are the model not the masters, the goal of the Christian life is to be a slave not a master.
(FS) Gal. 5:13f a call to freedom as brothers and sisters, slaves of one another.

(JD) In the parable of the father he forgives this son. Lk 15: the slaves. v. 25 & 27: servant is not "doulos," slave, a working servant

(JA) The context of the household needs responsibilities (Cf. Mk. 14: 34-37, the man that leaves his servants "douloi" in charge).

(JA) Onesimos left the economy of the household.

(JA) Christian life is sometimes depicted as a battle between the old and new life in Christ. - I Pet. the household code: a conflict situation in which one lives to serve the redemptive ends of God .. while there the goal of the Gospel is evidently that every one should be saved.

(JA) I Cor. there is a redemption ... we are in the conflict .. - I Cor. 5:11, note the sense of "me and them".

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