Lectionary Year B
October 8, 2000
Mark 10:2-16

Initial Acquaintance/Rough Translation

(JA) Mark 10:2-16
Rough Translation

2) And the Pharisees having approached were asking him if it is lawful for a husband to release (Gr. "apoluo") [his] wife, (they) putting him to the test. 3) And he (lit. the having replied one) having replied said to them, "What (why?) to you commanded Moses?" 4) And they (lit. the ones) said, "Moses permitted a book of divorce (lit. apostasy or revolt) to write and to release. 5) And Jesus said to them, "Toward the hardness of the heart of you he wrote to you this commandment. 6) And from the beginning of creation 'male and female he made them; 7) on account of this thing a male human being shall leave his father and mother and he shall unite with his wife. 8) And the two shall be into one flesh;' with the result that no longer are they two but one flesh. 9) What thing, therefore, God yoked together let not a man separate."

10) And into the house again the disciples concerning this thing were asking him. 11) And he says to them, "Whoever might release his wife and might marry another commits adultery against her (?). 12) And if she having released her husband might marry another she commits adultery."

13) And they were bringing their children in order that he might touch them. And the disciples rebuked them. 14) And Jesus having seen [this] he became angry and said to them, "You all allow the children to come toward me, do not hinder them, for of these sorts is the kingdom of God. 15) Truly I say to you all, whoever does not welcome (receive?) the kingdom of God as (he/she receives?) a child, he/she may not at all enter into it." 16) And having embraced them he is blessing (them) having placed his hands upon them.

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