Lectionary Year B
October 15, 2000
Mark 10:17-31
Initial Acquaintance/Rough Translation

(JA) Mark 10:17-31
Rough Translation

17) And when he went out into the way a certain one having run and having knelt (before) him was asking him, "Good Teacher, what (why?) shall I do in oreder that eternal life I shall inherit?" 18) And Jesus said to him, "Why (what?) do you say (with respect to) me good? No one is good except (the) One, God. 19) The commandments you know: do not murder, do not commit adultery, do not steal, do not give false witness, do not deprive; honor your father and mother." 20) And he expressed to him, "Teacher, all these things I have guarded out of my youth." 21) And Jesus having looked at him loved him and said to him, "One thing brings you up short; go, how-so-ever much things you have sell and give to the poor ones, and you shall have a treasure in heaven, and higher, follow me!" 22) And (he) the-having-become-sad-one at the saying went away being grieved for he was having many possessions.

23) And Jesus having looked around says to his disciples, "How with difficulty the ones having possessions into the kingdom of God will come into!" 24) And the disciples became perplexed at his words; but Jesus again having replied says to them, "Children, how difficult it is into the kingdom of God to enter into!" 25) An easier thing it is with respect to a camel through the hole of a sewing needle to come through than with respect to a rich one into the kingdom of God to enter into. 26) And the ones (they?) were exceedingly perplexed saying to one another, "And who is able to be saved?" 27) And Jesus having looked (focused?) on him says, "alongside human beings impossible it is, but not alongside God, for all things are possible alongside God."

28) Peter began to speak to him, "Behold, we have let go (of) all things and we have followed you (in discipleship = t.t.?)." 29) Jesus said, "Truly I say to you all, no one there is who has let go (of) house or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields on account of me and on account of the gospel, 30) except that he/she might receive one hundred times now in this critical hour hoses and brother and sisters and mothers and fathers and children and fields with persecutions and in the age the coming one eternal life. 31) And many first will be last and (the) last first."

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