Lectionary Year B
October 29, 2000
Mark 10:46-52

Initial Acquaintance/Rough Translation

Mark 10:46-52
Rough Translation

46) And they come into Jericho. And when he goes out (gen. abs.) from Jericho and [with him] his disciples and a considerable crowd the son of Timaeos, Bartimaeos, a blind beggar, sat alongside the way. 47) And having heard that Jesus the Nazarene it is began to shout and to say, "Son of David, Jesus, mercy me!" 48) And many were rebuking him in order that he might be silent, but (and?) the one (he?) much the more was shouting, "Son of David, mercy me!" 49) And having stood Jesus said, "Address him!" And they address the blind man saying to him, "Take heart! Arise! he addresses you." 50) And (but?) the one (he?) having thrown off his garment, having leaned up he came toward Jesus. 51) And having responded to him Jesus said, "What (why?) to you do you wish I will do?" And (but?) the blind man said to him, "Rabbi, in order that I will see again (up? above?)." 52) And Jesus said to him, "Go back, your faith has saved you." And immediately (suddenly?) he saw again and he was following (as a disciple? t.t.) him in the way (path? journey?).

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