Lectionary Year A
November 14, 1999
Judges 7:1-10

Initial Acquaintance/Rough Translation


This is a comparison of The New Living Translation (NLT), the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV), and Today's English Version (TEV).
1did what was evildid what was evilsinned
handed them oversold them into the handlet tehm be conquered
2of Hazor, a Canaanite kingof Canaan, who reigned in Hazora Canaanite king who ruled in the city of Hazor
Sisera who had nine hundred iron chariotsJabin had nine hundred iron chariots
3ruthlessly oppressed the Israeliteshad oppressed the Israelites cruellyruled the people of Israel with cruelty and violence
5hold court under the palmsit under the palm of Deborahsit under a certain palm tree
came to her to settle their disputescame up to her for judgmentgo there for her decisions
6assemble ten thousand warriors from the tribes of Naphtali and Zebulunbringing ten thousand from the tribe of Naphtali and the tribe of Zebuluntake ten thousand men from the tribes of Naphtali and Zebulun
at Mount Tabortake possession at Mount Taborand lead them to Mount Tabor
7I will lure SiseraI will draw out SiseraI will bring Sisera
there I will give you victory over himI will give him into your handI will give you victory over him
8/9"Very well," she replied, "I will go with you. But since you have made this choice, you will receive no honor."And she said, "I shall surely go with you; never the less, the road on which you are going will not lead to your glory."She answered, "All right, I will go with you, but you won't get any credit for the victory."



1 And caused to add (again) the sons of Israel to do evil in the eyes of God Ehud having died. 2 I will sell them in(to) the hand of Jabin King of Canaan who has ruled in Hazor and chieftain of warfare Sisera who remains in Herosheth Goyim. 3 And cried out the sons of Israel unto God because nine hundred chariots to oppress the sons of Israel in force them twenty years. 4 And Deborah a female prophetess wife of Lapidoth in time(s) (like) these. 5 And she remaining under the palm tree Deborah between Ramah and Bethel in the hill country of Ephraim to go up to her the sons of Israel to [get (her)] judgment. 6 And sent to call Barak son of Abinoam from Kedesh Naphtali and said unto him not to command God the Lord of Israel Go and seize Mount Tabor and take with you ten thousand men sons of Naphtali and sons of Zebulun. 7 And I shall draw out to those of you to the Wadi Kishon Sisera chieftain of warfare Jabin and chariotry and troops and I shall give him (in)to your hand. 8 And said to her Barak if you will come with me I will go and if not you will go with me I will not go. 9 And said she to be going I shall go period yet not to be your glory on the account that you come and by the hand of one (female) sells God Sisera and came with Barak Kedesh. 10 And called out Barak to Zebulun and Naphtali Kedesh in the pace of the ten thousand men and went up with him Deborah.

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