Week One - June 8-12

  WEEK 1

Mon. June 8 Class: Lessons I-III
Lab Sessions: review class presentation and consult Thompson Workbook
Assignment: Study Lessons I-III
[Such an assignment intends always that the necessary vocabulary, the paradigms, and the principles given in the lesson will be mastered. Write out all Greek to English sentences. The English to Greek sentences may be omitted.]

Tue. June 9 Class: Lessons IV- V
Lab Sessions: as above
Assignment: Study Lessons IV-V

Wed. June 10 Class: Lessons VI-VII
Lab Sessions: as above
Assignment: Study Lessons VI-VII
Review for Quiz over I-VII

* Thur. June 11 Class: QUIZ #1 COVERING I-VII
Quiz #1
Lab Sessions: review quiz and identify typical problems (Website)
Assignment: General Review

Fri. June 12 Class: Brief Quiz Review.
Lessons VIII-IX
No Lab Sessions
Assignment: Study Lessons VIII-IX
Friday Review

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