Lectionary Year B
March 12, 2000
Mark 1:9-15

Step II: Disposition


(JFC) This pericope reads like the headlines of an account of historical facts of three distinctive events. In addition, at most, it includes the first paragraph of the newspaper's article. We long for more details. They are missing.

(CH) narrative: God speaks (vocal revelation-people and Jesus were encountered)
(JA) Epiphanic in the image of sending of the dove.
(JA) Is this a scriptural Docudrama?
(CU) Perhaps it's a hybrid - Preaching-baptism-theophany - story.


(GG) Jesus-baptism-trinity is there a relationship of the three?
Note also the symbolism of the dove: fully human and fully divine? son of Man/Son of God?
What does it mean that God recognizes Jesus as his "son" in the light of all this?
Symbolism of "40 days": Is this some special kind of transition between Egypt and Holy Land?
Note that Jesus "tempted" by Satan but apparently never "sinned" himself - how is that?.
Mark does not seem to emphasize the three temptations; how does he avoid that emphasis?
Why was John the Baptizer arrested?
Why did Jesus wait for John to be arrested to take over?

(ME) Was John the Baptist a Christian?

(GG) In v12, does this indicate that the "s(S)pirit" has "casting out" functions also?

v15 "has come near"--how near is near? A glancing blow perhaps?

repent (metanoia) - literal meaning? Does it imply turn around, trust, have faith in. "you believe in a Christian, i.e. "gospelly," way?

(JA) Is it true that the "eyes of faith" see what the natural eyes don't see?

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