Lectionary Year B
April 9, 2000
John 12:20-33

Initial Acquaintance/Rough Translation



Footnotes: NIV has none for this passage
NLT has one at the end of verse 31, “The prince of this world is a name for Satan” and another in the middle of verse 32, “Greek lifted up from the earth.”
NRSV has one at the end of verse 32, “Other ancient authorities read [all things]

(DR) Here are some of the primary word differences found in different translations:

v. 24remains alonesingle grainsingle seedautos monos menei
v. 25 he who lovesthey who loveman who lovesho philon
v. 31ruler..castruler..drivenprince..drivenho archon...ekblethesethai
v. 32when...liftedwhen...liftedwhen...liftedean hupsotho

One of the most interesting differences in these translations is in v. 32 where all the translations use "when" but the Greek uses "if."




20 So, there were some Greeks from the going up (the road to Jerusalem) to worship in the (Jewish Passover) festival; 21 they then approached Phillip who was from Bethsaida of Galilee, and they asked him saying, “Sir, we wish Jesus to see.” 22 Went Phillip and tells Andrew, is taken Andrew and Phillip and they tell Jesus. 23 And this Jesus replies to them saying, “Has come the hour for to be glorified the Son of Man.” 24 Truly truly I say to you, unless a seed of wheat has fallen into the soil should die, it alone remains; but if it dies, much fruit it produces. 25 The one(s) loving the life of theirs lose it, and the one(s) loving less the life of theirs in the world this (one) unto life eternal will keep it. 26 Whoever me would serve, me shall follow, and wherever am I there also the one serving me shall be; whoever me would serve shall honor him the Father.       27 “Now the soul of mine has been troubled, and what should I say? ‘Father, preserve me from the hour this (one)’? Rather because of this I have come unto the hour this (one). 28 Father, glorify of you the name.” Came then a voice from the heaven, “Both I glorified and again I shall glorify.” 29 Then the crowd standing and hearing said thunder has come, but others “an angel to him has spoken.” 30 Answered Jesus and said, “Not for me the voice this has come but for you. 31 Now judgement is to be of the world this, now the ruler of the world this shall be driven outside. 32 And I when I am lifted up from the world, all (people) shall I draw (close) to myself.” 33 This he said indicating what kind of death he was certain to die.

(v. 20) And there were some Greeks from out of the ones going up in order that they might worship in the festival. (v. 21) Therefore these approached to Philipp, the one from Bethsaida of Galilee, and they were asking him saying: "Lord (sir?), we wish to see Jesus." (v. 22) Philipp comes and says to Andrew; Andrew comes, also Philipp, and they say to Jesus, (v. 23) and Jesus responds to them saying: "The hour has come in order that the Son of man may be glorified; (v. 24) truly, truly I say to you (all), if the kernel of the grain having fallen into the earth should not perish, (the kernel) itself only remains; but if it perishes it bears much fruit. (v. 25) The one loving (not "agape"!) the soul of him/her will lose it, and the one hating the soul of him/her in this cosmos will guard it into life eternal; (v. 26) if someone ministers to me, let him/her follow (in discipleship; technical term?) me, and where I am, there also will be the minister, the mine; if someone ministers to me the Father will honor him/her. (v. 27) Now my soul has been troubled and what should I say? Father, save me from out of this hour?! But for the sake of this hour I came into this hour. (v. 28)----- Father, glorify your name!" Therefore a voice out of the heaven came: "I both glorified and shall again glorify." (v. 29) Therefore the crowd, the one having stood and having heard was saying, "There has happened thunder," others were saying, "an angel has spoken to him." (v. 30) Jesus answered and said, "not for the my sake has the voice become but for the your sake". (v. 31) Now is {the) crisis of this cosmos, now the one of this cosmos leading shall be cast outside. (v. 32) And I if I shall be lifted up out of the earth shall pull along all (people) toward myself." (v. 33) And this thing he was saying indicating by the word with respect to what sort of death he was about to die.

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