Lectionary Year B
April 16, 2000
Philippians 2:5-11

Initial Acquaintance/Rough Translation


      (v. 5) You all be mindful of this thing in yourselves what thing also was (the mindset) in Christ Jesus,
      (v. 6) who being in the image (Gr. "morphe")
                  did not consider a grasped thing
                  the to be equal to God
      (v.7) but emptied himself
                  having taken the image (Gr. "morphe") of a slave,
                  having become in the similarity of human beings
                  and having been found with respect to outward appearance as a human being
      (v. 8) he humbled himself
                  having become obedient unto death,
                             and the death of the cross
      (v. 9) on account of what thing God also beyond-lifted him up
                  and gave as grace to him the name,
                        the one beyond every name
      (v. 10) in order that in the name of Jesus
                  every knee may bend
                  of the ones being of the heavenly places
                        and of the earthly places
                              and of the underworld places
      (v. 11) and every tongue may speak in one accord publicly that
                        Lord is Jesus Christ
                              into the glory of God the Father.

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