Lectionary Year B
May 7, 2000
Acts 3:12-19

Initial Acquaintance/Rough Translation


v. 13 whom you handed over and rejected (NRSV)
      ... delivered up and denied (RSV, KJV)
      ... delivered up and disowned (NASV)
v. 15 the Author of life (NRSV, RSV)
      the Prince of life (KJV, NASV)
v. 16 perfect health (NRSV, RSV, NASV)
      perfect soundness (KJV)
v. 18 announced beforehand (NASV)
      shewed (KJV)
      foretold (NRSV, RSV)
v. 19 turn to God (NRSV)
      return (NASV)
      be converted (KJV)
      turn again (RSV)
      sins blotted out (KJV, RSV)
      sins wiped away (NRSV, NASV)
v. 20 the Messiah appointed to you (NRSV)
      the Christ appointed for you (RSV, NASV)
      Jesus Christ ... before ... preached unto you (KJV)
v. 21 ... who must remain in heaven until the time of universal restoration (NRSV)
      ... whom heaven must receive until the time for establishing ... (RSV)
      ... whom heaven must receive until the times of restoration (KJV)
      ... whom heaven must receive until the period of restoration (NASV)


v.11 Alexandrian texts: Solomon's portico = inside the Temple
Western texts: S.'s portico = outside the Temple
(According to Metzger, an issue yet unresolved)

v.16 punctuation of "And by faith in his name has his name made this man strong whom you behold and know."
(the "right" punctuation is also not resolved in the debate which makes for interesting hermeneutical possibilities)

v.19 "eis" plus infinitive or "pros" plus infinitive
* "pros" plus inf. is nowhere else to be found in Lk-Acts
* "eis" plus inf. seems to be the preferred reading although it has the weaker witnesses (occurs several times in Lk-Acts)


11 But while he was holding fast Peter and John, ran together all the people to them [up]on the portico, the called one of Solomon, being amazed [ones]. 12 But after having seen [it], Peter asked the people: "Men, Israelites, why are you marveling at this [thing or man] or at us why are you looking intently, like [as if] by means of own power or by means of piety we had made the walking [of] him? 13 The God [of] Abraham, and [the God] [of] Isaac and [the God] [of] Jacob, the God of the fathers [ancestors] of us, glorified the child of him, Jesus, whom you [on the one hand] have handed over and denied/rejected in the face [presence] of Pilate, having judged that one [man] to release. 14 But you the Holy One and Righteous One denied/rejected and you asked a man, a murderer, to be given to you, 15 but the Beginner of life you killed, whom [the] God raised from [the] dead, of which witnesses we are. 16 And [up]on the faith of the name of him, this man, whom you are beholding/looking at and [whom] you know, the name of him made strong; and the faith/belief, the through-him-one, has given to him this wholeness in the presence of all of you.

17 And now, brothers, I know that according to ignorance/not-knowing you acted just as also the rulers of you [acted]. 18 But [the] God, the things which He announced/foretold through [the] mouth of all the prophets [that was] to suffer the Christ of him, He fulfilled thus/in such a way. 19 Therefore, repent and turn around in order for the wiping out of your sins, 20 so that [there] may come right times of rest from [the] face/presence of the Lord, and he may send the one who is appointed to you, 21 for whom it is necessary heaven to receive until [the] times of restoration of everything, of which has spoken [the] God through [the] mouth of his holy prophets from long ago [of the holy from long ago his prophets].

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