Lectionary Year B
May 7, 2000
Luke 24:36b-48

Step II: Disposition

(JA) Cf. under steps IV and V and under step II April 6, John 20:19-31 for some options within the resurrection appearance genre.

(JH) Vv. 36-43 appear to be a narrative about the appearance of the resurrected Jesus, while vv. 44-48 appear to be a "priestly" genre inserted as proof of claim.


v. 37 - "tarasso" means to be disturbed or stirred up as if by spiritual and emotional confusion. Is it like the dynamics in Jn. 14:1? Interesting that the word for "mind" here is actually "kardia" > "heart." Also the verbal structure is interesting. The NIV translates "thinking" as if it were a participle whereas the NRSV translates it as an aorist active indicative...as a chain: "startled, frightened, thought." The NIV justifies, as it were, why the disciples were startled and frightened.

v. 41 - Noticed the "menu" has changed! Why would "honeycomb" be inserted (or dropped)? "Joy and amazement" or "joy and disbelieving" - what an interesting combination of words! Does one have joy so one can have disbelief? Who was really doing the disbelieving? The disciples or the community to which this was written? Who really needs the proof?!

v. 44 - There is a difference, is there not, between telling and speaking? One seems to be more "authoritative" somehow. The NRSV and the KJV seem to be pretty close to the Greek.

v. 45 - "Thus it is written" - Where is it written and by whom? Who had this knowledge? Why is it important for Luke - or priestly influences? - to include information about the fulfilling of the Judaic Law? There is intensity about "proving" all this. [JA - what do we mean by "proving" here in this context?]. Who was reacting?

v. 47 - The message is very specific. This is clearly a mission text. Are they to proclaim in Jerusalem or just journey out from it?

v. 49 - Why was it important to stay "in the city?" Why did Jesus not just empower them with the Holy Spirit there? How would they know they had been clothed? (role of v. 52 vis-a-vis worship in the Temple?).

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