Lectionary Year B
July 9, 2000
Mark 6:1-10

Step II: Disposition


The text is a narrative. In Markan style, it is blunt and to the point. "Mark" also has details that the other two Synoptic gospels either omit or smooth out. (see step IV).


- How do we mirror this same disdain for the gifts of others in our own families?
- How does this story connect with other prejudices of class, economic standing, race, and perhaps especially, age?
- How about specific examples that might challenge the youth of the church with the earlier exploits and careers of some of our aged members, whom they have only known in later years when their physical capacities were considerably less.
- And the tables might be turned to reveal how easily we forget the difficulties of youth and the necessity to define one's own culture and generation through the arts and other means not always accessible to someone older.
- How are we blind to the gracious power of God present in the familiar?
(specific instances...specific to church and town ...)

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