Lectionary Year B
August 13, 2000
Ephesians 4:25-5:2

Step I: Initial Acquaintance


25 On account of which thing (you pl.) putting aside the false thing (you pl.) "utter (Gr. "laleo") truth, each with his neighbor!" because we are one another's limbs. 26 "You (pl.) are angry (Gr. "orgizomai"!) and (but?) do not be missing the mark!" (i.e.) may the sun not set upon your (pl.) angry state! [cf. v. 31] 27 And (indeed?) do not give place to Diabolos! 28 Let the thief no longer thieve, but rather let that one grow tired while working the good thing with his own hands in order that he may have to offer as exchange to the one having need. 29 Every corrosive word let not go out of your (pl.) mouth, but whatever good [word there is (let go out of your (pl.) mouth)] toward the household build-up of [that] need [v. 28] in order that it [i.e. the good word] may give grace to those listening! 30 And (but?) (you pl.) do not grieve the Spirit the holy One of God, in whom you were sealed into the day of redemption (Gr. "apolytrosis" = ransoming, manumission?!. 31 Every embittered state - both rage and anger and shouting and cursing (Gr. "blasphemia") - let be removed (sing. = by the Spirit?) away from you (pl.) together with every evil [cf. v. 27]. 32 Now you (pl.) become into one another kindly ones, compassionate ones, being forgiving (Gr. "charizomai") ones to one another, just as also God in Christ was forgiving (Gr. "charizomai") to you (pl.)!

5:1 Therefore become imitators of God as beloved children 2 and walk about in love just as also Christ loved us and gave himself on behalf of us an offering and a sacrifice to God into a smell of sweet aroma.

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