The Revelation of John

    Quite apart from popular interest in things apocalyptic with the dawn of the year 2000, every student of the New Testament has discovered through courses of basic introduction, interpretive methodology, and exegesis that questions of eschatology and apocalypticism play a major role in scripture. They have had a defining role in the discussion of God's relationship to history, of the relationship between the Testaments, of time and types of time, and of other fundamental theological matters. The genre of apocalypse, moreover - inherited and critically appropriated from the Old Testament and Judaism - has played a prominent role in gospel writing (cf. Mark 13 and parallels) and in epistolary composition (cf. I Thess. 4:13-5:11; I Peter passim; etc.). The Book of Revelation, the final book of the Bible, represents the largest single literary version of Christian apocalyptic in the canon. Its relationship to the genre of "gospel" and "epistle" remains an important exegetical task. Unfortunately, however, this document has been a closed book for many, even for those who acknowledge the importance of things eschatological. This course seeks to do its (modest) part in re-opening consideration of Revelation's angle of vision.

    This site attempts to bring the conversation in the seminar to the interested reader. While a working knowledge of Koine Greek is anticipated, rough translations of the text into English provide a bridge for those without this tool and a help for those seeking reacquaintance.  For more information on the seminar please see The Syllabus.

Historical Interpretation of the Text

 For more information on various interpretations of the Text please see The Bibliography.  For the seminars communal translation of the Text, please see Rough Translation of the Text.

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 Chart of the Letter to the Seven Churches
    An informational chart setting out some word play, and structural analysis in the vein of Roloff by JEA can be found at this Chart.

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