Philemon: Bondage and Freedom in Paul
Bi 343
Seminar - Spring, 1999

  • Syllabus
  • Bibliography and Reviews
  • Rough Translation
  • Questions and Observations
  • The Locus of Speech about Bondage and Freedom: Apostolic Consciousness and the Epistolary Genre
  • The Context for Bondage and Freedom: Household ("oikos") and Church ("ekklesia")
  • Learning to Talk about Bondage and Freedom: "koinonia", "splagchna" and Christian Parenesis
  • The Standards for Measuring Bondage and Freedom: duty and usefulness
  • Bondage, Freedom and Time: "nuni de", "pros horan", and "aionion"
  • Bondage, Freedom and the "new creation": "huper doulos", "adelphon", "en sarki/en kurio", and "huper ha"
  • Bondage, Freedom and Economics/Debt: "opheilei"
  • Hospitality, Hope, Prayer, and Becoming a Gift of God": "xenian", "elpizo/elpis", "proseuchomai/proseuche", and "charizomai"

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