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Christopher Tuckett's "Paul, Tradition and Freedom"
Theologische Zeitscrift

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This article focuses on the issue of "living out the reality" of Philemon, those "who preach the gospel should live by the gospel." If we proceed with this presupposition, then how should we preach and live the gospel? By Paul's interpretation, we should turn the world upside down. If we look at the institution of slavery and apply Paul's message then we see social change can begin occurring through relationships. Paul would not even think about attacking the institution of slavery head on, which would be too costly, in both lives and economics. Paul's strategy is to make change through the relationships that Jesus wants us to have. In the typical master/slave relationship, the master lords it over the slave. In this new paradigm, the relationship goes beyond that of the typical master/slave relationship. We are all bound into the "common cause bond" of Jesus Christ. In living out this reality in bondage, we are all equal in our bondage to Jesus Christ.

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