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G.K. Beale
The Book of Revelation

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Beale, G.K. (1999) The Book of Revelation. Grand Rapids: Wm. B. Eerdman.

Gregory Beale, Ph.D. is the Professor of New Testament at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Since 1984 he has been the director of the Th.M. program in Biblical Theology. His B.A. and M.A. are from Southern Methodist University and his Th.M. is from Dallas Theological Seminary. He received his Ph.D. from Cambridge where research is focused primarily on the use of the Old Testament in early Judiasm and in the the New Testament. Dr. Beale's interest and teaching are in New Testament interpretation and methodology, John's apocalypse, Pauline studies, and the uses of the Old Testament in the New Testament. He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Beale is ordained in the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference.

This is a volume in the New International Greek Testament Commentary series which attempts to anchor its analysis in both a close reading of the Greek text and a sensitivity to the text's historical and theological dimensions. Idiosyncracies in the Greek as well as the textual apparatus are discussed in detail. It is a massive volume (1200+ pages) in which Beale not only offers his own reasoned interpretation of the text but attempts to survey in nearly exhaustive fashion the vast corpus of Revelation scholarship. Because of this, it seems to be written with the scholar in mind. The many references to other scholars may be confusing to someone who has not read much secondary literature about Revelation.

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