Commentary Review:

Jacques Ellul's
Apocalyse: The Book of Revelation

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Jacques Ellul, Apocalypse: The Book of Revelation, Seabury Press: New York., 1977.

This commentary is not the usual verse by verse analysis of a book of the Bible. Instead, the author intends for The Book of Revelation to be read as a whole and this reading is based on a christological view. Ellul relies on the structure of the book to emphasize the dialectical tensions that are present. In doing so he discusses five divisions:
Division one (chapters 2-3) in tension with Division five (21-22:5).
Division two (5-7) in tension with division four (14:6-20:15).
Division three is the focal point of the work and links I and V with II and IV.
According to the author, division three describes the incarnation, death and resurrection of Christ which the author believes to be the central point. The Apocalypse as a whole is the reflection of Christ in redemption history.

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