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Heinrich Kraft's
Die Offenbarung des Johannes

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The Kraft commentary appeared in 1974 as volume 16a (vol. 16 = E. Lohmeyer 1953 2nd. ed.) in the series HNT (Handbuch zum Neuen Testament) founded by Hans Lietzmann around the turn of the century and intended to supplement existing commentaries of the time with the rich comparative background texts - especially those of the Hellenistic world - of the history of religions school (around the same time Lietzmann produced the Kleine Texte series containing original source texts for use in lectures and seminars by theological students). Though Lietzmann was not technically a member of the history of religions school, the HNT series has long been associated with its history and work. Modest in size the commentaries were intended to be user-friendly and to serve a practical function in the hands of pastors and teachers.

Kraft is actually one of the larger volumes in the series (though it is not on the modern compendious order of Aune or Beale). Re: Lietzmann cf. N. Walter's article on his life and work in: Dictionary of Biblical Interpretation (ed. J.H. Hayes), vol. II, 1999, p. 75. [JEA] This series is a shorter commentary compared to Aune and Beale. Hence the series title handbook. This is a form critical commentary on the Greek text. That is to say, while it provides a German translation of the Greek text, the references to phrases points not the translation but rather the Greek. Theological reflection is a major emphasis in this commentary. However, it does set forth the redaction critical and history-of-religions issues fairly well.

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