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Eduard Lohse's
Die Offenbarung des Johannes

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The Book of Revelation (German title - “Die Offenbarung des Johannes, uebersetzt und erklaert von Eduard Lohse”) by Eduard Lohse, Goettingen (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht), 1966 (9th edition).

This volume is number eleven in a series of commentaries called “Das Neue Testament Deutsch.” The goal of the series is to provide the best in scholarship in a handy, usable format (no lengthy footnotes) for pastors in their parish work. The first seven editions (1935 - 1957) were written by Johannes Behm. Among others who have contributed to the series are W. Beyer, H. Conzelmann, J. Jeremias (whom L. Goppelt represnted at Goettingen in 1947-48), A. Oepke, K.H. Rengstorf, J. Schneider, J. Schniewind, E. Schweizer, G. Staehlin, H. Strathmann (one of the teachers of Goppelt at Erlangen in the 1930s), H.-D. Wendland, and (for the Book of Acts) J. Roloff (the author of our textbook; this Acts Commentary was translated into English by J. Currie but was never published).

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