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Robert H. Mounce's
The Book of Revelation

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Mounce, Robert H, "The Book of Revelation," William B. Eerdsmans Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan/Cambirdge, U.K., revised edition 1998.

This commentary was originally published in 1977 and has been revised only this one time. The scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, come from the NIV.

Dr. Robert H. Mounce undertook to complete a project began by Ned Bernard Stonehouse, who died before he saw his work published. Dr. Stonehouse's dissertation was entitled "The Apocalypse in the Ancient Church."

Dr. Mounce's thesis was entitled "The New Testament Herald: His Mission and Message." He also contributes to a regular feature, "Here's My Answer," in Eternity Magazine.

This is a quote from the Author's Preface: "A critical problem facing every writer on the book of Revelation grows out of the literary genre in which the book is cast. It is difficult to say what anything means until one has decided in a sense what everything means. What kind of literature are we dealing with is the essential question. An informed sensitifity ot the thought forms and vocabulary of apocalyptic is the sine qua non of satisfactory exegesis. The vivid and often bizarre sybmolism of Relveation has led meany contemporary writers into either an indefensible literalistm or a highly imaginative subjectivisiom. I have attmpted to steer a middle course because that is the way I believe the ancient text fell upon the ears of the seven first-century churchs in Asia to whom it was written. How well this course has been navigated the reader will need to determine."

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