Commentary Review:

Pierre Prigent's
L'Apocalypse de Saint Jean

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Prigent's book is an exegetical work which delves into the book of Revelation section by section. Within each section Prigent also studies phrase by phrase, therefore almost every word is considered. He works with the Greek text and also makes reference to Hebrew concepts. Previously he has written a book entitled, Liturgie et Apocalypse therefore he makes every attempt to highlight possible liturgical connections found in Revelation.

The book is in the second part of a series entitled, "Commentaire du Nouveau Testament." The goal of the series is to bring an original scientific contribution to the actual exegesis of the NT and to participate in the formation of theologians and laity. A critical exegesis is made using either classic or contemporary methods of human sciences.

Prigent is a professor of the Faculty of Protestant Theology of the University of Human Sciences at Strasbourg.

Prigent's book is not available at the APTS library. It was procured via interlibrary loan.
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