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Juergen Roloff's
Commentary on the Book of Revelation

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This commentary by Juergen Roloff (Prof. NT, Univ. of Erlangen, Germany) first appeared in the Zurich Bible Commentary series in German (Theologischer Verlag, '84 & '87) and as English translation (J. Alsup & J. Currie) in the Continental Commentary series (Augsburg Fortress, Minneapolis, 1993). A very readable commentary by design, the book contains 275 pages of chapter-verse comment, topical discursi, and indices. Roloff (a student of Leonhard Goppelt) surveys Revelation's history of influence, gives the reader an excellent view of history of religion comparative data, and maintains a balance between historical-scholarly and hermeneutical-practical interests. The author's thesis is that the Book of Revelation is subject primarily to the genre of "Epistle" and that the entire document should be read in light of and in regular dialogue with chapters 1-3.

Roloff is the author of many books and articles on NT themes and subjects. Among them is his important ekklesiological study Die Kirche im Neuen Testament (= The Church in the New Testament). He is active in the work of the academic guild (SNTS) and the life of the church (EKD).

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