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My confession is at the bottom of this page. :-)

I have not put together a link page but a good place to start is


This is my want list from Atlanta '96:

    Coke bottle cap watch (page 19)

    ACOP pins:    New York w/ Izzy behind building

                            Savannah w/ Izzy in sailor hat

    Buckhead Road Cycling

    Kroger Blimp:    white cloud

                                ground crew

    Atlanta Police Blimps

    Coke Machines:    colored torch (G29)

                                    gold torch (G30)

    Hanes T-shirt auction pin, green (G433)

    CNN Update pin

    Atlanta Bid pins:    Live the Dream, undated (pg 23, #1a)

                                    Phoenix rectangular (pg 23, #2)

                                    Circle of A's, cutout, tall (pg 23, #6)

                                    Circle of A's, rectangular (pg 23, #7)

                                    Circle of A's, cutout, small w/safetyback (pg 23, #3)

                                    Scarf pin (pg 23, #8)

    I would like these from other Olympics:

    Any logos or game marks and mascots for Olympics PRIOR to the 1970,s.

If you have these please contact me at

This is my trader list: (Atlanta '96 UNO)

Venue Pins (See my venue pin page for a list and pictures of some of these)

        Venue pin Athletics

Sponsor Pins




Others & Non -Olympic

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If you want these pins please contact me at

Confessions of pin trading :-)

This pin trading stuff started out as my wife and I just trying to get the pins from the venues that we had gone to during the Centennial Olympic Games. We did not think of this until middle of the first week. By then we were trying to get pins from venues that we were not going back to. We thought the white rectangular pins would be a nice little collection. Unfortunately friends that went to these venues found they had sold out of the pins we wanted in our little collection. Thus the beginning of trading. We went to stores, shops and street venders to get these pins. We hung out at Centennial Park and visited the Varsity. My wife, Carol, liked the day pins, our 2 1/2 year old (at the time) , Bridger liked the Izzys and the trucks, I liked the security and the media. Need I say more, I was hooked.

As a side bar, the last night of the Games, late at Centennial Park we failed to bring the diaper bag. We were thinking we would be only a few minutes to get a quickie fix of pin trading. Bridger needed, really needed, a change. We found some one with a tottler and offered them any pin on our trading board for a diaper and wipes. They traded in a heart beat. They were amazed and quite pleased and we got what turned out to be most needed. (We are not totally addicted!)

I have been trading to some degree since then, both in person and on the net.  I have never been cheated by anyone on the Pinheads mail list or anywhere else for that matter.  I have had good deals and lousy deals, all self inflicted. I do try to respond to all email but I tend to be slow.  If you send me mail and do not hear from me, it got lost.  Remind me you sent something.





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