Free Adobe Photoshop Plug-ins

Here are filter plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop 3.0 for Macintosh.
These are charity-wares. You are welcome to distribute and use them freely. But, If you appreciate them, please make a donation of any amount to your favorite charitable organization. One donation of any amount is sufficient for all plug-ins.

Copyright (c) 1996-8 by Hugh Kawahara. All rights reserved.

Download colleen's Photoshop Fun Pack 1.2.0 (updated on 6/21/98, 310k bytes).
This includes the following five filter plug-ins.

System Requirements

Common Features (or 10 Reasons to Download)

  1. Full size preview window which is movable, resizable, scrollable and zoomable.
  2. Small thumb nail preview for quick preview (except for Kwick Mask).
  3. Toolbox similar to that of Photoshop. Very intuitive to Photoshop users.
  4. Background processing. They just don't wait "OK" button.
  5. Semi-modeless operation. You can do the filtering while you are goofing off on AOL.
  6. The progress box gives you an estimate of the finishing time.
  7. Small memory requirement (except for Kwick Mask).
  8. Ugggh... I run out of idea.
  9. ...still no idea.
  10. ...and Now, they are all fat!.

Downloading and Installing Plug-ins

The file is compressed and encoded ("*.sit.hqx" files). Many (most of?) Web browsers automatically decode and expand it for you. But if not, you'll need StuffIt Expander or similar software. After decoding and expanding the file, move it (it'll be a folder) into the "Plug-ins" folder in your "Adobe Photoshop" folder and (re)start Photoshop. Please see the "Read_Me" and "*.doc" files in the folder for usage.

The Plug-ins

Misc. Notes

How to Reach Me

Please send bug-reports/comments/whatever to the address shown below.

To FTP Site Providers

You are welcome to carry my plug-ins without a permission. But if you do, please check the update every once in a few months.


All plug-ins were developed using
(c) 1996-8 Hugh Kawahara
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