TaskMenuBar Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will TaskMenuBar be ported to OS-X?
A. I'm hopeful, but it is still unclear whether it can be implemented under OS-X.

Q. Does TaskMenuBar works with Kaleidoscope or Apple's themes?
A. Yes. The1.1.3 or later should work with most of the schemes and themes, as far as you are using the thousands or millions of colors mode. But, some schemes and themes, such as "Drawing Board", require manual positioning by turning off the "Automatic" check box on the control panel.

Q. TaskMenuBar draws icons in a wrong place or or other menu items draw over it.
A. If you are turning off the "Automatic" check box, please adjust the position by the arrows next to the check box. If this happens with the "Automatic" check box checked, please write to the author.

Q. Glidel doesn't work with TaskMenuBar. What's wrong?
A. Glidel is imcompatible with TaskMenuBar.

Q. Can't launch applications with double clicks.
A. If you are using Kensington MouseWorks, turn off the "Menu Lock" option in the "Options" menu.

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