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* 訳ができているが、著作権法上(死去後50年未経過)で公開していないがほとんど。
* Only authors deceased for 50 years (in compliance with Japanese copyright law) will be uploaded.
Now Alphabetized
安西冬衛 (1898-1965) Anzai, Fuyue (1898-1965)
萩原 朔太郎 (1886-1942) Hagiwara, Sakutaro (1886-1942)
日夏 耿之助 (1890 - 1971) Hinatsu, Konosuke (1890 - 1971)
木下 杢太郎 (1885 - 1945) Kinoshita, Mokutaro (1885 - 1945)
木下 夕爾 (1914 - 1965) Kinoshita, Yuji (1885 - 1945)
北川冬彦 (1900 - 1990) Kitagawa, Fuyuhiko (1900 - 1990)
草野 心平 (1903 - 1988) Kusano, Shimpei (1903 - 1988)
村野四郎 (1901-1975) Murano, Shiro (1901-1975)
室生 犀星 (1889-1962) Murou, Saisei (1889-1962)
中原中也 (1907-1937) Nakahara, Chuya (1907-1937)
高橋元吉 (1893-1965) Takahashi, Motokichi (1893-1965)
高橋新吉 (1901-1987) Takahashi, Shinkichi (1901-1987)
高村 光太郎 (1883-1956) Takamura Kotaro (1883-1956)
壺井繁治 (1897-1975) Tsuboi, Shigeji (1897-1975)
* 以下、詩作品選考のメモを参照。
* See Notes on this selection of J. poetry below.

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Assorted collection. Some new, some old. Appended an English translation or provided my own.

Notes on the Selection of Poetry For the "Modern Poets" section, I have not perused all the J. poetry out there and made the selections myself. It is basically a rip-off of the work done by Shinkichi Ito, ed., Gendai Meishi Sen (3vol.). I translated a subset of thme as an exercise in the past, and decided to upload ones that are public domain works will be uploaded.

I'm not very current on the poetry-in-translation scene nowadays. I have shuffled through Edith Marcombe Shiffert and Yuki Sawa tr., Anthology of Modern Japanese Poetry (Tuttle Publishing; 1972/1985). A sampling of interesting poems from a fairly large number of poets. Gives author's names in Japanese kanji as well. The text IMO can use some poetic improvement. I revised the translation in pencil extensively on the copy I owned.

The anthology From the Country of Eight Islands by Hiroaki Sato a prolific and excellent translator. This covers ancient periods too btw.

If you want to go back to earlier periods and go beyond poetry perhaps, I would recommend Donald Keene's Anthology of Japanese Literature from the Earliest Era to the Mid-Nineteenth Century .., which covers diary liteature like the Kagero Nikki, something from the Noh play, and a famous essay "Flower" on the performing arts by Noh playwright Seami, Chikamatsu's puppet plays, etc.

 「現代詩人」の部では、自分で厳選したのではなく、基本的に新潮文庫『現代名詩選』 伊藤信吉著 から過去に訳した作品を持っているのだが、元の文庫のほうは処分してしまったので今は無い。

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