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My Eclectic Interests

This site is for my personal expression. By looking over my bookmarks, I have identified several categories of things that I am interested in. They are:

Professional and career interests

This includes my extensive experience with M Technology and the MUMPS programming language (with links to other MUMPS sites) and the site that I developed last year for Joanna Brick, an ayurvedic and nutritional therapist.

I am also an expert proofreader! If you find yourself "grammatically challenged," send me some email. I can proofread your electronic documents and return the edited version to you.

Want to know more? Read my resume.

Between jobs - finding a job on the Internet

I have many links to sites where employers have listed available jobs.

Between relationships - using the internet to find one's mate

If you're looking for a date or a mate, there are places where you can browse personal ads from the type of person that you are seeking.

My family tree - explorations in Jewish genealogy

Surnames of my ancestors:
  • Cohn, from Oberpleis, near Hennef am der Sieg, Germany, and Arlington VA.
  • Jaffee, from Anyksciai, Lithuania, and Cleveland Ohio.
  • Wurzburg, from Ettingen, Germany; and New Haven CN, Chicago and Cincinatti.
  • Kartzin/Karchin/Karcin, from Anyksciai, Lithuania, and Vermillion Ohio.
  • David, from Oberpleis, near Hennef am der Sieg, Germany.
  • Hechter, from East Prussia.
Surnames of some of my cousins:
  • Asch, from Lorain Ohio.
  • Vincent, from Vermillion Ohio.
  • Brickman, from Kamajai, Lithuania, Lorain Ohio, and Worcester MA.
The Druckers, who are not my ancestors, came from Kartuz Breze in Belarus, and Denmark South Carolina.

My children

  1. Larry Drucker, born 1966.

    Larry is the Technology Coordinator at Spaugh Middle School in Charlotte NC. Thanks in part to Larry's efforts, Spaugh Middle School has been chosen to participate in LEARN North Carolina.
    Larry and his son Nicholas (born April 1, 1992) hiked up King's Mountain, just outside of Charlotte. His younger son Jackson (born July 10, 1995) stayed home.

  2. Kay Drucker, born 1970.

    Kay is an Account Manager for sales of The Appraisers Toolbox, a software product from Bradford and Robbins in San Jose CA. Kay has been accepted into the Master's program at the Graduate School of International Studies, at the University of Denver, starting in September 1997.

Those wonderful domestic cats

My first Internet teacher said: "There are so many cats on the Internet that it makes me want to sneeze." Here, you will find pictures of some that are especially cute.

How the Internet can help with tracking your investments

This will feature sites where you can get historical data on the performance of various mutual funds.

Travel Bargains

My son Larry turned me on to Travelocity. Check it out.

Causes I support:


Don't miss this one! It's the best new idea to come along in my lifetime or yours. Their program is already working in several school systems across the US. Public Health Foundation Enterprises, Inc., is a non-profit corporation that accepts donations to help support PeaceBuilders.

Cheetah Conservation Fund

Let's legalize the hemp plant!

Just say "Know." Learn about the
hemp plant, past and present. Are this plant's flowers really a dangerous drug (or just dangerous to certain corporate interests)? It could be time to consider some serious drug policy reform.

Project Vote Smart

Speaking of "Know," there's finally a painless way to learn where candidates and elected officials stand on issues that are important to you.

People I admire

So far this includes
Martin Buber, Ram Dass, Jerry Brown, and Elizabeth Gips, all or whom have interesting Web sites.

Spiritual and/or metaphysical groups, people and ideas

Here you will find the results of (some of) my eclectic explorations.

Everybody's worst case scenario - using advance directives to prepare for a peaceful death

What kinds of things do you NOT want them to do to you when and if you become terminally ill? Choice in Dying will help you stay up-to-date on all those unnecessary life-prolonging technologies that you might want to specify in a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care.


Advice to consultants: (From the IRS) Don't work out-of-state for more than one year, or you won't be able to claim itemized deductions for travel expenses.
This will change at irregular intervals, so KEEP COMING BACK!

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